43 Odes – “HVO OV HVO”


These days Glenn Donaldson’s name tends to conjure up indie pop jangles more than psychedelic ripples, but don’t let the smooth taste fool ya, Glenn’s always been rooted in the itchier side of noise-folk. A few years back Donaldson re-connected with fellow Jewelled Antler Collective alum Steven R. Smith and perennial West Coast psych-smith Brian Lucas (Dire Wolves, Old Million Eye) for the trio 43 Odes. The band’s first release, a cassette on Eiderdown, hearkened back to the raga-soaked drone of their days in the Antler in excellent ways and now that band has a follow-up on the way. This time the release has been bumped up to LP, again on Eiderdown. There are a couple of cuts available on the label’s Bandcamp, throwing light on the band’s palette and pluckin’ away on the Astral Plane. The opener “HVO OV HVO” throws more propulsion into the mix that others, sending the listener nodding into the ether with a proper rag rhythm. The new record, HWN UN AMN is out July 1st.

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