Tony Molina – “See Me Fall”

Tony’s back and its short and sweet and this time the plug’s knocked out for an acoustic bite into his jingle-sized universe of pop hits. Heading more for the Lennon-McCartney or Davies-Davies axis than the Black-Deal or Cuomo-Sharp axis this time around, Molina still proves that he’s able to pack more emotional heft into a scant minute than most songwriters are able to punch into a whole album. There’s a sad lilt to “See Me Fall” and its only compounded by the fact that the song leaves you hanging on the edge waiting for more. Molina’s become the master of building tiny pop dioramas that whisper into your brain and take root, not only because they’re quick to the hook, but because like so many great offerings in life they just seem to dissolve before you can get enough of them. Great to have him back, even if it is in the short format. It’s telling though that Molina can pack eight songs onto a 7″ to be sure.

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