Whitney’s Playland – “Sunset Sea Breeze”


This album has been in the headphones quite a bit lately and its nice to see a second single slip out from Whitney’s Playland. The band, featuring members of Grandma’s Boyfriend, Blades of Joy, and Modern Charms finds its footing in the softer, subtler moments of the indie pop spectrum. With nods to Yo La Tengo, Damon & Naomi, The Sundays, and American Analog Set, more often than not the band is found lounged in the shade, letting the rest of the indie set push their pulses to palpitate. Why bounce when bliss is so close at hand? The euphoric float is never more present than it is on the title track “Sunset Sea Breeze.” The band’s debut is out March 17th from Meritorio and Paisley Shirt Records.

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