Together PANGEA


No lie, I think that the last full length from Together PANGEA was one of the most fun, deeply skewed and excellently rough-edged rock albums of the last ten years. It’s only with open arms that I’ll receive any new material from the band. William Keegan’s throaty rasp is on high power here, shredding skin as hard as guitar strings. It all comes from a similar arena as Badillac, loose woven pop songs that play the most of bombast but still feel fretted over, soaked in production that plays up their acumen for diving between fury and restrained quietude. Together PANGEA are a band that knows that passion passes for currency and they pour sweat and bone into their songs. This time around Tommy Stinson steps into the producer’s chair and while whatever nuance he’s adding seems fairly in line with the sound they’ve captured prior, I’m sure that the presence of frayed rock royalty can only serve to drive this further. It’s a stopover release, hopefully on the way to another full length, but still a pretty essential piece of their canon.


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