Tikkun Olam


In a short time the new label from Foxy Digitalis’ Brad Rose has grown to become a perfect crossection of what’s historically made FD great and what makes the reignited site such a nemesisty these days. The label pulls from Brad’s own projects along with friends and collaborators highlighting new works from The North Sea, Charlatan, and Ajilvsga. This ripper from Canadian duo Tikkun Olam seems to both fall outside of the scope and soundly within its bounds. The band, multi-instrumentalist Colin Fisher (Astral Spirits, Halocline Trance, etc.) and sound sculptor Ilyse Krivel (Aural Tethers) embrace the experimentation of The Jewel Garden in its fullest capacity. As Brad points out the band nip at some 70s ECM vibes, finding the edge of jazz’ pull towards an electronic appetite and plummeting down through the gaps in the catalog’s most outre instigators.

There’s something of a late Soft Machine on Harvest feeling as well, heating the album to its melting point and fusing some Holdsworth guitar runs with a cosmic core that runs through the shadow of the broken future tension of Göttsching’s E2-E4. Its not an album that will sit idly by in the background, finding a way to crawl at the back of the neck almost constantly, begging to be dealt with, destroyed, or danced to in jerking motions. If The Contortions were to get into the expired triple C they might’ve made albums like this – blurred and jagged with a neon syrup core.

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