The Telephone Numbers – “Weird Sisters”


If you’ve been ingnoring the wealth of indie pop streaming out of the West Coast these days, then you’re mising out. Among an already prolific local scene San Francisco’s The Telephone Numbers have consistently proven one of the most captivating of the bunch. The band’s debut was a sparkling font of jangle pop and bittersweet indie, so crammed full of hooks that it was hard to keep from constantly setting the needle back to the beginning the moment the record rang to a close. The new single was a concerted effort on the part of songwriter Thomas Rubenstein to break out of his songwriting mold and explore new territory, even if that territory was catchy-as-hell indie bliss. While it still holds a great deal in common with The Ballad of Doug’s strums, “Weird Sisters” adds a soaring cinematic sense with strings and layered harmonies. Aided by friend and mentor Glen Donaldson for the song, this is as robust and refined as the band has ever sounded. The result is quite possibly their best single yet. The new 7” is out February 25th as a split release between Prefect and Meritorio Records.

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