The Telephone Numbers – “Kaleidoscope”


Got another prime jangler off of the upcoming Telephone Numbers debut. The new record, spearheaded by San Francisco’s Thomas Rubenstein, features an assortment of indie and jangle-pop locals, including Glenn Donaldson, who also produces. Latest single “Kaleidoscope,” takes inspiration from the Ray Bradbury sci-fi short story of the same name, bending the idea of one’s own pain serving some larger narrative. The story is a jumble of last throughts from a stranded space crew ending on a wish that ultimately our life might mean something to someone else. Over bittersweet jangles and fawning violins, Rubenstein sings “Kaleidoscopes will fall apart, fragments of light to drift in the dark. He opens his eyes but there’s nothing left to see. He’s finally free.” It’s a beautiful image of the astronaut who becomes a shooting star that delights a child. Let go and let this one wash over you. We’ve all been adrift for so long, here’s hoping the tragedy wrings some good out somewhere along the line.

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