The Royal Family – “When I Was A Butterfly”


Another single slips out from Canadian psych collective The Royal Family, featuring members of Possum, ROY, Hieronymus Harry, The John Denver Airport Conspiracy, and Wine Lips. The band leans into the baroque psychedelia of Kaleidoscope (UK), 31st of February, JK and Co., and Plastic Cloud, siphoning the curdled warble of the ‘60s through a modern prism. The album centers around the metamorphosis of a butterfly, paralleling the changes with personal growth. “When I Was A Butterfly” skips along on piano, smoke curled harmonies, and brass. With a slight warble in the vocals and ornate production, the song feels indebted to the Elephant 6 as much as the old guard and the band dresses the video up in the same kind of technicolor whimsy that permeated the collective. Their eponymous new album is out soon from Echodelick (US) and We Here & Now (CAN).

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