The Reds, Pinks and Purples – “The Record Player and the Damage Done”


Another excellent single lands from the upcoming Reds, Pinks and Purples LP. Taking even a cursory look at Glenn Donaldson’s output over the years — from the noise of Thuja to the sun-soaked folk of The Skygreen Leopards and the jangle-pop pervasiveness of Art Museums and RPP — Glenn clearly suffers from the same record addled affliction as many of us. “The Record Player and the Damage Done” is an ode to the spiritually fulfilling act of playing records. There’s something satisfying in pursuing a sound that’s just right, pouring over discographies and dollar bins to find something that’ll make your heart soar or match you in a melt to the floor. With touches of Felt and the Dunedin sound coursing through this song, Glenn’s sending out a beacon to all bin riflers out there, an instant jangle-pop classic. The new LP lands him a debut at Slumberland and a second offering in the UK on Tough Love. Uncommon Weather is out April 9th.

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