The Chills – Kaleidoscope World Reissue


The Chills are just now really getting their due. Its been a longtime coming but with a new album on Fire and some respect for backcatalog in motion (someone reissue Submarine Bells already) they seem poised to finally capture the West the way they should have all those years ago. Flying Nun is putting one of the band’s long sought after puzzle pieces back in print. By all accounts Kaleidoscope World contains the band’s most familiar track. “Pink Frost” is a post-punk mixtape staple and probably one of the entry points or one-stops for the average person’s familiarity with the band. Though not a first record proper (technically its a compilation of EPs and singles) Kaleidoscope World functions well as a document of the band’s rise and refinement into the jangle-pop heroes they’d come to be to those sifting through the right bins in the ’90s. Its great to see this one popping back up on the horizon. There are plenty of undeserving contenders plugging up the vinyl glut’s reissue pipe, so its good to see a real winner get its day in the sun again.

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