Teddy and the Rough Riders – “Sad Saturday Night”

Nashville’s finest, Teddy and the Rough Riders have had a pretty heavy roster of singles this Winter and the band pulls into #3 of 4 planned for the beginning of 2024. The last single, “Rose Tinted Glasses,” found the band lost in the glare of the sun, tracing the more cosmic corners of the country bungalow. On “Sad Night Saturday” the band kicks the tempo and lets things push a little sweaty, balancing the bittersweet with the bluster, losing the pain of heartache in the whirlwind embrace of Saturday Night. With a strident strum and a bit of fuzz chewing away the last memories of the night, the song is a melancholy gem that keeps the heart pumpin’ through the very end. The single is out now, nab it where you dip into your digital.

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