Sylvie – “Sylvie”


Something about the summer haze makes this one feel just right for the swelter of July. Sylvie is a new project from Ben Schwab (Golden Daze, Drugdealer), Sam Burton, and Marina Allen. The latter two both have excellent solo albums out on Tompkins Square and Fire respectively. Together they’re capturing a soft focus ‘70s romanticism that swoons at, broods with, charms and ultimately swathes the listener in a wood paneled love-sickness that’s familiar and comforting. The band begins with a cover of former Fairport songwriter Iain Matthews’ “Sylvie” from his work with Matthews Southern Comfort.

The song became a bit of a talisman for Schwab, who discussed songs that evoked similar feelings with his Drugdealer cohort Michael Collins. The sort of songs that were streaked with rain — emotional, tender, unguarded. They dubbed the songs “Sylvies” and that name graced the band as it materialized. Call me a sucker, but a band named after a hidden gem is too deeply aimed at the RSTB sensibilities and I’ve been rolling the cover around in my brain since I first heard it. The band’s eponymous EP will be released by Terrible Records, and finds its way out on October 1st.

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