Sweeping Promises – “Falling Forward”


Got a new slice of post-punk simmer today from Boston band Sweeping Promises and it merits coming back to again and again. “Falling Forward’ picks at the scars of Kleenex, Chomp-era Pylon and The Au Pairs while setting the band up as comfortable contemporaries to current wave stunners like Lithics. The Promises are tackling post-punk forms while taking a razor to the fat that can sometimes hamper the genre. I’m always a sucker for a leaner, more sinewy brand of post-punk and “Falling Forward” delivers. Like Lithics, Sweeping Promises keep the guitars sharp and precarious, the bass bulbous and propulsive, but there’s a less parched undercurrent that separates the band from past and present comparisons. The vocals of Lira Mondal push the band into a richer sound that swells around the song. While she nails the pogo-primed yelp, there’s a feeling that the band were flipping Blondie records on the deck just as often as The Fall and that effusive delivery lets the song change like a mood stone depending on the temperature of your day. Hunger For A Way Out is out August 14th.

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