Spires That In The Sunset Rise – “Sax Solfa”


2020 seems like an awakening of psychedelic lay lines of sort. At the very least, its some sort of convergence of the psych-folk and cosmic foreces that were rumbling at the beginning of the ’00s. Following news that Farmer Dave Scher is back in the fray this morning there’s a new video from RSTB fave Spires That in the Sunset Rise. The band’s been bubbling under for a few years, though they did pop up on Astral Spirits last year for a short tape, but this one hearkens back to their Secret Eye Records days when I knew ’em best. The energy in “Sax Solpha” quavers on the air — voice, sax, synth all come together into an undulating chorus of fervent energy that feels like it’ll burst the thin membrane of reality and let the sounds spill over into tracers of color and chrome in all directions. The barrier holds tight just long enough for the song to come trembling to a close after six or so minutes of dizzying delight and with the last few notes, our collective worry seems to flutter into the still air for just a moment. The band’s got a full LP on the way, Psychic Oscillations out 10/9 on FPE records.

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