Spectres – “Strange Weather”


Moving into a lusher headpsace than on previous LPs, Vancouver’s Spectres are nailing a classic post-punk sound that seems slotted nicely between The Sound’s “Heyday” and early Cure singles. “Strange Weather” is built around on the urgent beat set down by drummer Mitch Allen and carves its way from there. Cavern echoed vocals bounce like hazy dreams and the band nails the crunch of guitar that’s pulled from the tail end of glam and crushed like glass until it gets that panic and pomp that defined the early ’80s post-punk elite. Spectres are definitely echoing a time long gone, but as hordes of bands have proven, never forgotten; and while it seems that at times they’re parading in another era’s eyeliner, they’re making it look damn good and sound even better. Seems this LP has been in the works for a while and hit a few snags but its finally making its way to the world in May.

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