Sir Richard Bishop – “Celerity”


With so many great fingerpicked albums over the last couple of years its hard to believe that it’s been almost five years since there was a Sir Richard Bishop LP. Well, a proper LP that is. SRB doesn’t sit still for long and there have been countless collaborative LPs, split releases and mover over the interim, but its been since 2015’s Tangier Sessions that a true, dedicated solo venture has come down the path. Though to be fair, this one reaches back even further in his DC catalog for an anchor point, feeling very akin to his ’07 untouchable classic Polytheistic Fragments. Like that record he’s back to using a different instrument to approach each track. Though it seems like this one’s going to go deeper than that record ever did, dabbling in some digital splashes and music concrete. Check out the first cut “Celerity” from Oneiric Formulary out 4/17.

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