Rural France


Hey no one ever said that just because the ‘favorites’ list is up that the year is done. There’s still more 2021 left and there are still more albums on my queue to be explored. It was a solid year for Meritorio Records to be sure, with favorites from Wurld Series and The Telephone Numbers hitting the shelves, plus a gem from SF’s Semi Trucks, but the label had more in store and this LP from UK power-pop duo Rural France pairs a winking wit with bright, jangled hooks. The bulk of the album was penned a few years back, so the dourness of the past year and a half doesn’t touch this one at all, and the sunny relaxation comes as something of a relief. With drunken visions of Beach Boys harmonies playing in the back of their heads and hooks that consume Teenage Fanclub cheeriness with the same beautiful brevity that drives Tony Molina, the pair have knocked out eleven rumpled classics.

Soaked in guitar fuzz and drizzled with a four track humbleness, the band captures an unadulterated vision of indie pop. From the heart to the tape and straight into the subconscious, the hooks stick tight and don’t let go. In just under 26 minutes the band love, lose, pine and pounce back for another round. Its a scrappy album, in the best GBV tradition, prying the pop out and ejecting before they overstay their welcome. If you need a quick brightening the band’s RF is a quick dose of sunshine strums and post-grunge pop fallout that doesn’t fail.

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