Rude Skøtt Osborn Trio “L’Ombra Blu”


Last year saw Danish psych label El Paraiso dig further into the jazz tangent that’s been bubbling over there in the past few years. 2020 saw the release of two albums by Causa Sui’s Jakob Skøtt along with Sun River’s Martin Rude. The Discipline of Assent and The Dichotomy of Control found the two of them in dark jazz waters dueling with baritone guitar, bass, drums and keys. For a third entry into what they’re now calling their Stoic Opus, the pair folds British saxophonist and flutist, Tamar Osborn into the mix. Her contributions elevate the ensemble and steer the rudder on their output even further towards psychedelic Library environments, drenched in a humid note of mystery. I’m always a sucker for cavernous flute and there’s plenty to be found on the first cut, L’Ombra Blu.” The ensemble’s new record The Virtue of Temperance is out next year from El Paraiso Records.

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