RSTB Radio WGXC: September


The September edition of Crawl Out From the Fallout went out on the air last night, a show absolutely packed with new favorites. Creeping in with a folk-led calm, the show featured new singles from Jaimie Branch, P.G. Six, and Sally Anne Morgan before adopting some jazz burn and indie fuzz. The show saw new works from Sunwatchers, The Heavy Lidders, Hot Apple Band, Ryan Davis & The Roadhouse Band, Ty Segall, Lewsberg, and Seablite hit the speakers. Check the full tracklist below and you can listen to the archive of the show at WGXC.


Jaimie Branch – The Mountain /// Lady Apple Tree – Flame /// Mystic Chords of Memory – Golden Dome /// Sally Anne Morgan – Diamond Joe /// P.G. Six – I Don’t Want To Be Free /// Mendoza Hoff Revels – Diablada /// Sunwatchers – World People /// Osees – Stunner /// Axis: Sova – I’m A Ghost /// Frankie and the Witch Fingers – Syster System /// Loop – Cinnamon Girl /// Jeffrey Alexander + The Heavy Lidders – Counting Up and Down /// Hot Apple Band – So Long /// Bures Band – Mrs. Rain /// Ryan Davis and the Roadhouse Band – Learn 2 Re-luv /// The Natvral – Summer of Hell /// Taper’s Choice – Lick The Toad /// Ty Segall – Void /// Hartle Road – Rear Projection pt. I /// Hooveriii – The Ship That I Sail (radio edit) /// Skyway Man – Long Distance Healing /// The Cowboys – American Boy /// Lewsberg – Out For Milk /// Melenas – K2 /// Helpful People – Broken Blossom Threats /// Seablite – Melancholy Molly /// Volksempfänger – Attack of Sound /// Maria Elena Silva – Love, If It Is So /// Mike Donovan – Whistledown

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