Rat Columns – “Life In The Jungle”

Longtime RSTB staple Rat Columns returns with a new album for Tough Love, shaking off a bit of the more pristine pop that had seeped into their last LP, Pacific Kiss. “Life In The Jungle” pushes through a molasses mold of distortion, lolling in the haze like the last days of summer. The band’s long been one of my favorite Aussie pop purveyors, and they never seem to get the accolades they deserve stateside, but this is yet more proof of their pop acumen. Splitting the seams between the more spritely UK janglers that populate Tough Love these days and the more cotton-packed slow simmer of the Oakland/SF set, the new cut finds the band still as potent as ever. The new record, Babydoll, is out October 20th, from Tough Love.

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