R.E. Seraphin – “Playing House”

Longtime site favorite R.E. Seraphin returns with a new E.P. (his best format) for Mt. St Mtn and this time he’s back in the arms of synth-pop, finding solace in the chromatic glimmer of jangle-jolted pop once more. The new EP joins the SF songwriter with members of The Mantles, Cocktails, Tony Molina’s Band, and Sleepy Sun. There’s still a lot of his bedroom pop in the mix, or at least at the heart of the beast, but now a new slickness has found its way into the production, letting this one glimmer like never before. Leaning into an admitted love for “Journey-style solos” alongside the works of Ultra Vivid Scene and the prolific pounce of Young Guv, the new EP refines Seraphin’s sound into an ecstatic elasticity. “Playing House” makes good on those aforementioned solos alongside a dayglo shine of power pop that imprints an earworm on the brain almost instantly. The new EP is out May 27th from Mt. St Mtn.

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