Quiet Down – Last Match


A less overtly pop approach than Diehard, the previous band of songwriter Ezra Selove, Quiet Down lives in contrast to their name. The songs on their second EP are draped in a swell of noise that fumes up in the opening moments of the title track opener and battles back and forth with the clean lined sensibilities that beat at the heart of these three tracks. “Last Match” pushes and pulls between the rising tension that threatens to overtake it and Selove’s palpable feeling of wanting to tamp it back down, until the break that loosens the emotional dam somewhere around the five minute mark; unleashing a feeling of finally losing control and feeling pretty good about it. The standout though is “Sterling,” a taut ‘n tumble rocker that balances dreamy vocals with a blistered thread of American indie that traces lines from Mac McCaughan’s edgier crunch to the tensions of Bubble and Scrape era Sebadoh. They close the single with “Mr. Boddy’s Body,” which amps up the rhythmic shake and turns the gaze and thunder up in equal measures. The single pays its debt to American guitar rock; its not wholly beholden to the past, but aware of which parts worked.

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