Power Supply – “Infinity”


Always love the unexpected gems out of Australia and this one reignites an old flame. For all intents and purposes, Power Supply is a reformed Ooga Boogas, the short-lived but well-loved band that put out two records on Aarght in the midd ‘00s. The band members had been pulled back together to back up Boogas frontman Leon Stackpole’s solo outing Leon, but began mulling a new venture together and landed on the Power Supply moniker. Less brash than the Boogas, the new endeavor leans towards a fondness for a low-key Velvets/Modern Lovers simmer. The first single leans more Richman than Reed, with a skip-hop drum beat pushing it along and a smirking lyric about pondering the infinite. The song’s got a fun innocence to it and the band plays it off with the same energetic glee that they captured back when the OB’s were on the scene. The new record is a split release, finding its way out via the always amazing Anti-Fade in Australia and Goner here in the U.S. In the Time of the Sabre-toothed Tiger is out October 22nd.

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