Pat ‘PG Six’ Gubler on Shide & Acorn – Under The Tree


I couldn’t be more excited that there’s a new Wet Tuna record on the horizon. The duo of Matt ‘MV’ Valentine and Pat ‘PG Six’ Gubler capture a particularly potent brand of psychedelic sweat and the new album’s a total killer as you’ll all soon see. As Matt’s already done a Gems piece for the site, the new release gives an opportunity to get Pat in on the action as well. A Psych vet for the better part of the last two decades, Gubler’s graced time in seminal psych-folk group Tower Recordings and is currently holding down slots in RSTB faves Garcia Peoples and Weeping Bong Band in addition to his time in Tuna. Seems only apt, then, that he should pick a lost folk gem from the short-lived Shide & Acorn (also briefly known as Foehammer or Peppermint Snuff of Wight along the way). Find out how their sole album, Under The Tree, came into Pat’s life below.

“I picked up this record from Byron Coley at the Yod space in Florence when he was having performances there,” recalls Pat. Shide & Acorn Under the Tree came out as a reissue LP on Acme Records. I believe there was a very small initial pressing in 1971 (ed note: on Solent Records), and then a CD reissue at some point in the 90s on Kissing Spell, and then this LP reissue.”

“From what I can gather, they were a band from the Isle of Wight in the early seventies, centered around two brothers, Mike and Steve Joliffe. There’s a female singer/violin player named Joy Perkins, and few other collaborators. All in all, it’s a lovely, simply-done album. There’s acoustic guitars and violin, piano, flute, autoharp, sitar on a couple of tracks, a little bit of electric guitar and bass, and some percussion. It conjures up the mood of a circle of friends, making music in the lobby of a creaky old hotel. Crackling embers in the fireplace, a few cans, a bit of a smoke, and conversations into the night, waxing poetic about ISB, Fairport, and The Band. At least, that’s my fantasy,” admits Gubler. “A stand out track for me is “Girl of the Cosmos” with its delicate, mournful vocals, and sitar counterpoint, and saloon piano in the outro, welcoming us back from orbit.”

Even in reissue circles this one hasn’t gotten a whole lot of attention, rendering it a true Hidden Gem. The Acme reissue that Pat discusses is out of print, but still lurking around Discogs and other outlets for the curious at decent prices. Its a lovely folk record that should find fans among the Pentangle, Linda Perhacs, Incredible String Band crowd for sure. Recommended that you check this one out!

Buy the record HERE.

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