Olumpus – “Beautiful or Bro”


It’s been about seven years since New Zealand’s Olumpus (nee Olympus) has been seen around these parts, but the Stefan Neville-led (Pumice, The Coolies) outfit is back with a new album and an impressive rotating cast in tow. With twenty-two collaborators on board, including Richard Youngs, Dan Melchior, and quite a few others that have haunted Neville and primary partner Pat Kraus’ orbit they’ve expanded the idea of Olympus from the last LP. The dazed crawl of “Beautiful of Bro” hints nicely at the appeal of the new record. The song tangles with fuzz and form, builds up slow and dissipates into a nebulous cloud that’s cluttered with debris. Neville’s sister Indira takes the vocals here and the whole song hearkens back to the noise-pop heyday that birthed small-press greats like Vibes, L.A. Vampires, and Psychic Reality. Just as it locks in, the song is swept to the distance, though I could listen to a loop of this for about twice as long. The new record is out through the band’s home at Soft Abuse. It’s flying way under the radar, but now you don’t have an excuse to miss out.

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