Oh-OK – The Complete Reissue


As HHBTM notes, there seems to be a bit of an resurrection of prime period Athens indie going on. With reissues of Pylon and Love Tractor already scratching the surface of the scene’s reach, it seems only fitting that Oh-OK would be next. The band might be most famed for the inclusion of Lynda Stipe, younger sister of Athens’ most famous musical Stipe. The band formed just as Pylon were beginning to go their separate ways and the band’s rubberized punk carries on quite a bit of the sound that Pylon would explore, albeit in a more compact fashion. Stipe along with Linda Hopper would form the band in 1981 and as luck or more likely proximity would have it, they wound up opening for R.E.M. in their first show, leading them to follow in Pylon’s footsteps signing to DB Records the following year.

The band’s output isn’t robust, but there’s no real filler in their scant catalog. The compilation rounds up their two EPs — 1982’s Wow Mini Album and 83’s Furthermore What 12” alongside a handful of live recordings of songs that never made it to tape and two songs “Random” and “Courage Courage” which were set to be their final 7” before they broke up but were never released. An overview of the band’s work has made it to CD/Dig, but this marks the first time its made it to vinyl since the two EPs were first released. As usual, HHBTM is killing it with the details here and the comp is necessary, not just for Athens music fans, DB completists, and post-punk nuts, but for anyone looking for a good solid pop slap in the face. Years later this still sounds as vital as it did in the early cradle of the ‘80s.

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