Surprise sizzle out of MV & EE on this past Bandcamp Friday. The band has been blurring the lines between Tuna and the twin spires of Valentine and Elder classic these days and all roads lead through the dub scrub, syrup, n’ suds. Following on the expansive environments of last year’s Green Ark, the duo returns to the rhythm-wracked mind flay that lays somewhere between a lean-to love-in in Vermont and deep in the faders of The Black Ark studio. Laying down a humid haze of bass and bubble, the set gets a bit more bite in than some of their past excursions into the gelatinous hippodrome. “The Rat” starts things off with a flash of razor wire guitar. “Quasit In Quad Just/Ice” lobs noise like rocks into a sea of sludge, and second cut (and title MVP) “It Takes A Hillage” steers static like a rudder through the folds of the brain.

That’s not to say that the he band doesn’t get a good dose of peace among the corroded chords as well, though. “Motherfucker (I’m Gonna Put U In The Phrydge)” brings a narcotic funk to the table, elastic as ever and coating the brain like glue. It sends the band’s roller skate shimmy into slow motion. Closer “That’s Love,” brings back just a touch of that exhaust-huffin’ guitar edge, but lets it all go woozy as we slide out of view. The Ark keeps slippin’ down the banks of the tarpit river and I’m gonna keep on buyin’ the ticket and taking the ride. Nab this one ASAP!

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