Mixtape: Tin Foil Chewing Gum


Punk was always an expression of outsiderdom, but even within the confines of the genre there existed (and still exists) a thread that’s twitching on a wavelength that only the ardent insomniacs and agoraphobics fully appreciate. Cropping up among the Midwest’s endless sprawl of boredom and on the coasts couched in between the shut-ins and the art school dropouts, there existed a strain of caffeinated, bulging-veined punk that swiped at No Wave, sniffed at synth-punk and shirked New Wave’s more inviting corridors. Tin Foil Chewing Gum is for the freaks in the back row. It’s for the punks chewing glass and looking for another diner to share in the delight of the pain and the cathartic rush of blood. Check out the tracklist and stream below:

1. The Girls – Jeffrey I Hear You
2. 100 Flowers – Motorboat To Hell
3. Magazine – TV Baby
4. Suburban Lawns – Pioneers
5. Pere Ubu – Non-Alignment Pact
6. MX-80 Sound – Fascination
7. The Homosexuals – Soft South Africans
8. Swell Maps – Harmony In Your Bathroom
9. Pink Section – Shopping
10. Black Randy & The Metrosquad – I Slept In An Arcade
11. Simply Saucer – Instant Pleasure
12. Chrome – Chromosome Damage
13. Flipper – Nothing
14. The Gizmos – Human Garbage Disposal
15. Dow Jones and the Industrials – Mental Disease
16. The Dancing Cigarettes – Pop Doormat

Download the mix HERE via Zippy.

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