Mixtape: Shame About The Rain


Heading into the third installment of the RSTB Mixtape series here and this one speaks to a crucial influence on the site. There’s been no shortage of jangle pop in the last couple of years, particularly because a current crop of Aussie and US bands seem enamored with the sounds of Creation, Sarah, September and Flying Nun. This mix is a tribute to the sound of English rain. It’s full of faraway looks, pining hearts and more than a few hooks. By no means a definitive overview but I have to say, not a shabby collection of janglers here. Check out the stream and tracklist below.

While a few of these have been made available as reissues within the last couple of years, there are even more that are sorely deserving. Hoping that houses like Captured Tracks, Plain, 1972, Superior Viaduct or Fire step up to take on sorely needed reissues from Razorcuts, McCarthy, Chesterfields, Look Blue Go Purple, The Orchids, The Loft, Sneetches and especially The Sea Urchins and Felt. Those last two are prohibitively expensive as originals, making it a shame that few will have them on their turntable. If you’re already a nerd, scoff because I left something off. If you’re unfamiliar, dive in. Either way, enjoy!

1. The Field Mice – Everything About You
2. McCarthy – The Well of Loneliness
3. Razorcuts – Mile High Towers
4. Primal Scream – Sonic Sister Love
5. Chesterfields – Shame About The Rain
6. Biff Bang Pow! – He Don’t Need That Girl
7. The Bats – Time To Get Ready
8. Look Blue Go Purple – Grace
9. The Sea Urchins – Pristine Christine
10. Talulah Gosh – I Can’t Get No Satisfaction (Thank God)
11. Able Tasmans – Little Hearts
12. The Cakekitchen – Witness To Your Secrets
13. Toy Love – Swimming Pool
14. The Orchids – I’ve Got A Habit
15. Close Lobsters – Sewer Pipe Dream
16. The Wedding Present – A Million Miles
17. The Wake – Plastic Flowers
18. Felt – Down But Not Out Yet
19. The Bodines – Clear
20. Sneetches – I Think It’s Alright
21. The Loft – Up The Hill And Down The Slope
22. The Jasmine Minks – Think!
23. The Wolfhounds – Anti-Midas Touch

Download the mix HERE via Zippy.

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