Mixtape: Only After Dark


Now I know that glam is well worn territory. You could spend a day just running down lists of essentials – each telling you that Marc Bolan’s glittery tears started it all and shuffling well worn cuts with a forgotten gem or two in the mix. I’m not going to even begin to claim to sweep up all the glam essentials, though there are certainly a few of the ten foot high stompers on here. This, is more about sweeping the listener up in a specific ’70s night: getting dumped, rallying with friends and losing yourself in the big, stupid beat until daybreak. Book-ended by a couple of power pop gems that act as sunset and sunrise, this is just a feelgood vision of hard drinking stupidity that slaps a smile on your face. Check out the tracklist and mix after the jump.

1. Raspberries – Goin’ Nowhere Tonight
2. The Nazz – Forget All About It
3. Todd Rundgren – Wolfman Jack
4. Rick Springfield – Welcome To Th Rodeo
5. Roy Wood – Rock Down Low
6. Status Quo – I Saw The Light
7. Bilbo Baggins – Saturday Night
8. T.U.S.H. – No No No
9. Mud – Tiger Feet
10. Sweet – AC-DC
11. Mick Ronson – Only After Dark
12. Tears – God Save The 45
13. Blackfoot Sue – Morning Light
14. Brother Susan – Ride, Ride, Ride
15. Angel – Good Time Fanny
16. Sparks – Nothing To Do
17. Sweeney Todd – Roxy Roller
18. Suzi Quatro – 48 Crash
19. Slade – Gudbye T’Jane
20. T.Rex – 20th Century Boy
21. The Move – Do Ya
22. Badfinger – We’re For The Dark

Download the mix HERE via Zippy

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