Mixtape: Night Sweats


This one’s been bubbling under for a little while. Inspired by humid nights — whether the cold, clammy airs of spring or the stifling swelter of summer, this is for the insomniacs in the crowd. It’s one part flute psych wormhole to oblivion and another part 3 AM anxiety dream – equally indebted to magical realism, the hallucinogenic fabric between episodes of Lodge 49, pandemic isolation depression, the elusive ache of alchemy, and the healing lure of meditative headspace. Time has shifted and this mix attempts to help adjust the listener to the motion sickness that ensues.

1. Salvia Plath – Intro
2. Dungen & Woods – Marfa Sunset
3. Eden Express – On The Beach
4. Jacco Gardner – Hypnophobia
5. Shana Cleveland – Face The Sun
6. Wax Machine – Shade
7. Badge Époque Ensemble – Zealous Child
8. Skyminds – Desert Winds
9. Mr. Elevator – Alone Together
10. Festival – Zebulon
11. Blue Chemise – Alice
12. Beautify Junkyards – Constant Flux
13. Olden Yolk – Castor & Pollux
14. Cochemea – Mescalero
15. Al Doum & The Faryds – Light Up
16. Wolf People – Village Strollin’
17. Kikagaku Moyo – Orange Peel

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