Mixtape: Frank Infatuation – Jangle Pop Heirs to the ’80s Underground

It seems only fitting that this latest mixtape should grace the site on the same day that the Strum & Thrum review posts. The compilation and its focus on overlooked jangle-pop provided a seed of inspiration, alongside other notables like Sarah roundups Shadow Factory and Temple Road, Take The Subway To The Suburbs and, naturally, the C86 comp. I figured if we’re going to round some of the gems of our current era up later on, might as well have a good starting point. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this does not have the geographic specificity inherent in some of those. While it rounds up a particular sound of jangle / indie pop, the bands here swing from the U.S. to Australia and New Zealand, with stops in the UK. Though someday, someone will have a wealth of opportunity rounding up the sounds of San Francisco in the Aughts/Teens and it will be well worth a listen. For now, this one should find a bit of a crack in the clouds and give you an hour’s worth of bittersweet sunshine.


R.E. Seraphin – Leave Me In The Tide
Rat Columns – Someone Else’s Dream
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – Half-a-Shadow
Parsnip – Repeater
Milk Teddy – New York Rhapsody
Young Guv – High On My Mind
Massage – Under
Business of Dreams – N.R.E.A.M.
Woolen Men – Hollow World
Michael O. – Orubouros Blues
Galore – In My Head
Real Numbers – Frank Infatuation
Smokescreens – Working Title
The Telephone Numbers – Pictures of Lee
Jeanines – Hits The Bone
Ex-Vöid – Only One
Swiftumz – Creepy Eyed Girls
Rays – Yesterday’s Faces
Odd Hope – All The Things
Primo! – Ticking Off A List
The Gonks – I’m A Leaker
The Stroppies – Nothing At All
Pop Filter – Laughing Falling
The Tubs – I Don’t Know How It Works

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