Mixtape: Children of the Sun


Now I know that I’ve explored softer psych on the very first mixtape, but it’s such incredible territory that it begs for at least one more. This time there’s less of an outright gloomy demeanor, touching more on the bittersweet melancholy that so many bands of the ’67-70 period were able to capture. Call it sunshine psych if you will and sit back into lush harmonies that usher in that twinge of cold in the air. The artwork is inspired by ’60s master cover artist Marcus Keef who had an uncanny way of capturing the spirit of psychedelia through film innovation. Tracklist and stream are after the jump.

1. Euphoria – Calm Down
2. Wendy & Bonnie – It’s What’s Really Happening
3. The Robbs – Bittersweet
4. The Lemon Fog – Summer
5. Sapphire Thinkers – Get Along Boy
6. The Free Design – Make The Madness Stop
7. Yellow Balloon – How Can I Be Down
8. Sunforest – Magician In The Mountain
9. Picadilly Line – Gone, Gone, Gone
10. Grapefruit – Elevator
11. Mortimer – Dedicated Music Man
12. The Left Banke – I’ve Got Something On My Mind
13. The Peanut Butter Conspiracy – You Should Know
14. Billy Nicholls – Daytime Girl
15. 31st of February – The Greener Isle
16. The Association – Hear In Here
17. The World Of Oz – We’ve All Seen The Queen
18. The Blades of Grass – I Love You, Alice B. Toklas
19. The Flower Pot Men – Now And Then

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