Marielle V Jakobsons


Any fan of Date Palms limited output will already be aware of their ability to ride the ether and tap into the cosmic core. On her own, DP member Marielle V Jakobsons has taken that reach further into the dusted gases and unseen quasars than ever before. Star Core is built on a construction of bass, flute, violin and synth, but together the instruments, along with Marielle’s first time incorporation of her own voice to the mix, create a haunting world of hushed atmospherics and vibrational hum. The record makes no allusions of being in a hurry, Jakobsons allows her tracks to evolve and unfold with precision. She builds terrariums of sound that sprout and die before your very ears, or rather as she may have intended, solar systems that flare and fold within the confines of her aural experience.

Certainly there’s a NOVA-indebted quality to the album, feeling very much like Neil Degrasse-Tyson might have just found what he’s looking for to explain the oddities and complexities of the unknown. But even without all the celestial allegory, the album is simply a meditative headspace to get lost in. Sometimes we all need a respite from the world around, or at least a link to a more beautiful one. In that respect Jakobsons has created an escape from your mundane world and built you a glowing orb of sound to poke around in for the better part of an hour. It grows, it dies and somewhere in between, your mind opens just enough to let in psychic debris of that universal thrum, or clear it out, whichever you’re looking for.

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