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The films of Dario Argento and his house band Goblin don’t exactly evoke visions of sweat-soaked disco and experimental dancefloor jams, but this brilliant reissue of an Italo-funk obscurity originally released through soundtrack house Cinevox in a bid for a wider audience proves to stitch the two worlds together. Composers Franco Bixio and Vince Tempera build a world of snap-back funk and freak-infected dance club euphoria into eight tracks that seem out of sorts with any sort of peers at the time. They top the tracks off with the tin hat rantings of vocalist Alberto Macaro, who brings the whole project into a world of its own, pinning the glitter shimmy of The Commodores and KC and the Sunshine band with freakish, mawkish sounds of slurping and cowboy whoops that that feel like they’re poking fun at the whole idea of disco ball culture, while at the same time making an bid for pop permanence.

That they use the members of Goblin for their backing band only cements this as a true cult classic. The band shared a label and found themselves in the studio with Madfilth for this rubber-faced journey towards cosmic disco obscurity and, ultimately, redemption. This finds its way out via Cache Cache, a sub-cupboard of the Finders / B-Music family and it sits well alongside their stable of world travelers and under-appreciated psych. For the deep diggers, this is a windfall back on vinyl once again. For the uninitiated, this is a worthwhile dip into the crack in the cosmic egg.

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