Lightheaded – “Moment’s Notice”

I’m always a sucker for Slumberland, but this new album from NJ’s Lightheaded is a particularly fun romp through indie pop’s most endearing moments. “Moments Notice,” the band’s second single, doubles down on the fun from the first. It’s a jangled and jostled bit of sweetness that’s full of knockabout harmonies and sweet summer breezes. The tone’s a bit anachronistic, given the song is an introvert’s delight, dealing with a feeling of comfort at home vs. venturing out into social situations. I’ve heard the band mention in passing that their shows were sometimes the only reason they could drag themselves out of their apartments and that they needed that push to get out to socialize. I know the feeling sometimes. Three band bills and 40 minute drives got me looking at the couch, pining for the comfort of home and the company of loved ones. Comfort is at the core of this single, not to mention the rest of the band’s upcoming album. The new record, Combustible Gems, is out May 17th from Slumberland.

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