Lightheaded – Good Good Great!

Always digging through the quality over at Slumberland, and this new EP from NJ outfit Lightheaded brings a familiar flirtation with the label’s signature jangles, while reaching a bit further back into pop’s most crushed velvet corners. With an ear towards bejeweled 60’s production work – sweeping strings, tight drums, light strums and a melancholy drape — the band taps into a vernal humidity that tips quickly into early summer scenes. Clearly I’m always gonna be a sucker for a band that openly issues an influence out of Curt Boettcher, and there’s definitely his stamp of ornate, yet bittersweet bliss on the five carefully constructed curios here. What’s impressive is the band’s ability to hang their pop so neatly between Wendy & Bonnie, Shaun Harris, Another Sunny Day, and the overcast works of Victoria Bergsman. An absolute gem of an EP that only seems to sparkle more on each listen through.

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