Library Reissues Series from Spettro


Italian imprint Spettro has worked with soundtrack reissues in the past but now they’ve dipped into Italy’s legendary Flipper archive of Library Music for some incredible reissues of ’60s and ’70s themes all packaged with a deft hand in sleeves that pop in color washed collage that feels ripped out of time. Can’t for the life of me find the actual designer anywhere but it mirrors a Julian House style that feels apt as a visual counterpoint for Library titles.

The collection rounds up the dreamy work of Guido Baggiani a.k.a. Ruscigan, Roberto Conrado, Antonio Scuderi & Piero Montanari’s breaks-influencing work Bass Modulations, Lino Castiglione and Paola Casa’s Morricone leaning Clouds, Massimo Catalano, Remigio Ducros & Daniela Casa’s psychedelic Idee 1 and composer Alessandro Alessandroni’s collection of religious themes. The collection can be bought as a set or individually and they’re in both colored and black editions. Its rare that pieces like this surface (each are in 500 runs, 200 color) but its even rarer that they’re put together as nicely as these editions are, packaged with numbered covers and Obi strip.

Support the artists. Buy it HERE.

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