Leah Senior – “Where Am I Now?”


A decidedly stark, yet stately turn for Leah Senior on her latest single from The Music That I Make. Often indebted to Anglo-folk, while digging into more pop-oriented strains, “Where Am I Now?” finds Senior digging into new forms, balancing rain-streaked piano and jazz-rubbed guitar lines for a song that’s more introspective than she’s ever been. The song breaks down the creative process — the reasons to write, more so, the need to write music as a self-searching tool. It’s about as close to a torch song that Senior has ever recorded, though in this instance she’s carrying the torch for her own well-being, rather than an unrequited love. Though in some ways, what’s the difference? Our own love is often just as elusive, if not more so. The song finds Senior turning in one of her most beautifully bittersweet performances yet, another winning reason to get this album on your radar. Leah’s new LP, The Music I Make, is out August 18th from Poison City.

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