This one’s been popping up on the site since the first single hit a few months back, and now that its here in full, the record won’t be leaving my rotation soon. NY’s Jeanines are about as charming a jangle outfit as you’re likely to find these days. Stripped to the bones, the band’s debut picked through Marine Girls, Black Tambourine, and Dolly Mixture, echoing the simplicity and exuberance of its influences while the band carved themselves out as a modern equivalent. The follow-up doesn’t dim in its love for the strum, but the band does flesh out the sound a bit more. This time, pulling from a few decades prior, Don’t Wait For A Sign, has more than a few nods to ‘60s folk, which the band runs through a prism of UK indie pop that hits like a cold blast of air on a spring morning. Like Talulah Gosh covering Wendy & Bonnie, or Veronica Falls hopped up on The Free Design, the band toggles between the past and present with a seamless ease.

Alicia Jeanine creates stacks of harmonies with herself, woven and knotted among vocals from her foil, Jed Smith. The guitars ring with tangled nettles of strings over a bubblegum pop of percussion and the whole record seems to sail above the breeze on invisible currents. While a bittersweet air blows through Don’t Wait for a Sign, there’s not a moment that doesn’t feel dappled in sunshine filtered through the trees. The band’s debut was an instant hook, but they’ve bested it and them some. There are plenty of jangled gems out there, and it’s easy to let one more slip by, but Jeanines latest is an essential for 2022.

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