Jake Acosta – “Psilopsychosomatic”


It’s always great to dip into the longform mind glaze of works from Jake Acosta. Following up his January release on Blorpus Editions, Acosta returns with an album that feels more akin to the pieces on 2022’s Rehearsal Park. Like that outing, this is again two long tracks that cover a lot of ground over their run. First cut “Psilopsychosomatic” begins its journey loose and languid, playing into the the album’s themes of time, truth, perspective, and possibility. The track builds, letting the percolating patter of percussion guide it through as Jake’s tangling leads and electronics guide the listener further into a state of open mind meditation. As the track wears on the looseness dissipates and the song implodes into color and shape, string and shred with Acosta’s leads taking over completely. 20+ minutes scream by in a matter of moments. It’s the kind of song that sucks you in, soaks you up, and colors in the folds of the brain. The new album Retrospector is out now along with a PDF that takes the listener further into the mindset that made the record.

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