High Rise – Dispersion


Black Editions is still going strong to document the works of the great P.S.F. label through carefully executed reissues. The label, admittedly, wouldn’t have been what it was had it not been for the first two releases by High Rise, whose debut gave the label its name and its reputation. Black Editions reissued the mighty II in 2018, a torrent of speed-freak riffs and sweat-saturated ozone rock. Now, the label returns to the High Rise repertoire, digging into the band’s third record, Dispersion. High Rise has often been held in parallel to Les Rallizes Dénudés — offering a less damaged, but no less potent strain of ‘80s Japanese psychedelia. The early works found Munehiro Narita ensconced in an exhaust fume foundation for his scorched guitar grind. Where the Rallizes could go in headier directions, Narita was a master of speed and scorch. They were the Motorhead to the Rallizes’ Hawkwind.

The third album lets the band take a bit of a breath, slowing the pace some, but that scorch remains just as intense. The record is a wellspring of gnarled riffs, bass rumble, and garage-grounded body blows of wah-wah and amplifier crust. The record might not be as raw as the first two, but it still showcases Narita’s impact on the guitar, setting the stage for Acid Mothers Temple, Boris, Comets on Fire, Major Stars, and more to follow. The label has pressed it down to a double LP set, remastered by bassist Asahito Nanjo and featuring a trio of bonus cuts and unreleased tracks. This one’s worth it for “Mainliner” alone, but stick around for the full fury of Dispersion.

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