It’s been a few years since Growing reordered the braincells on the blog. The early years around here were marked by the band’s undulating tonal shifts, with standouts Vision Swim, Lateral, and All The Way letting their skittering rumble shake the speakers and rumble the brainstem on the way out. With the band’s return to the fold for Impportant in 2017 they found more mercurial waters, jettisoning a bit of the seismic shudder for ambient textures and monolithic builds. Their latest for Silver Current Finds them picking up where that record left off. A sound bath of cosmic rays, the record finds them much further from the molten tremble that they usually inhabit. The lack of terrestrial tether looks good on them, though, and the record’s two side-long stretches quiver with a lightness that’s incandescent.

The first side creeps in slow, dawning over the speakers with a radiant bliss. The low end is lifted this time around, letting the guitars wash over in a meditative mind melt that’s both a legacy to their sculpted sounds and a departure from their full body assault. This record aims for the head and leaves the rest of the body alone, seeking only to vibrate the consciousness into new light. If Psychedelic Sagha don’t get the band locked down for the Bardo then it would be a true misstep as this is exactly the kind of “exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness” that they’ve set up as a guideline. Growing have been masters of the primordial for so long that its hardly a shock that each album nails whatever register of drone they decide to inhabit. If you need a realignment, I’d highly recommend Diptych for the job.

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