Somehow while absorbing the excellent new Al Doum & The Faryds release at the end of last year, I’d missed this short-run one-off from their label Black Sweat. Offered up with few details and an air of mystery, the record, it seems, was birthed from a free jam session by members of The Faryds and the results proved too good not to released. Black Sweat notes that “This album has been recorded by jooking faryds folks that came up in the middle of June 2015 at the space-time door Guscio Studio, Milan.” Unlike the works of the band, though, there’s no pop tether here. Pure outer space soul jazz and pastoral psych swells, milked from the cosmos and poured onto two sides of wax in rhythmic waves of chaos, groove, and ecstasy. The label’s released some archival works from Organic Music Society and there’s definitely a kindred feeling here in what Fusione lays down – kindred spirits to Cherry, Pharaoh, and The Cosmic Jokers.

With an air of private reel consciousness lending a looseness to the set, the band tumbles from the tempest to the ashram and into the sun-soaked fields over the course of the seven pieces here. Rippling in the wind one moment and fighting the gale the next, the band revels in their ability to lean into the influences that have marked the Faryds’ works in the past, imbuing them with the fluidity that’s always been woven into the fabric beneath the surface, this time with the quality held high like a banner. That feeling that Fusione are only playing to push themselves and had no intentions of letting this one slip away until later review is at the core — a diary entry that found itself enshrined for all to see. If that last Doum record caught your ear, this is an excellent aperitif, but if you’re just here for the cosmic vibrations, this should do as well.

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