Fur – Find What You Like & Let It Kill You


In the glut of Bandcamp explorations its possible to stumble onto one of those sorely missed nuggets of the past and almost miss them. In this case I’d wandered into Conquest of Noise’s den, home to those well loved Dreamtime LPs amid a few other Aussie newbies. I’d originally mistaken Fur for a band a band doing such a good job of echoing the 90’s that it caused a quick double take. As luck would have it, they not only do a good job at echoing the sounds and sentiments of the era, they were doing a fine job of living in it as well. The band originally released this EP, the crown jewel of their short discography, on Fellaheen in 1994. To most Americans that label is not a household name but to those on the the other axis this is their domestic home to Pavement, Superchunk, Luscious Jackson and Guided By Voices among others. So the band wasn’t exactly in light company.

The EP hits hard with a blast of fuzz and flannel that’s got a bit of Veruca Salt for good measure and a definite taste for Nirvana and Mudhoney’s acerbic spit and thick riffs. The band became hometown heroes around the release of this EP and followed it up with solid torrent of singles and EPs leading up to 1997’s The Betty Shakes LP, also for Fellaheen. The EP has been released digitally now but it’ll find its way to vinyl for the first time later on in the year. This is one of those releases that, without the grace of the Internet’s small world syndrome you’d probably only have heard if you were an avid zine reader or Oz collector from way back. Its good to see things like this eking their way back into the world. Your ’90s mixtape just got a lot happier.

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