Fortunato Durutti Marinetti – “Memory’s Fool’


Some weeks there’s just too much for me to absorb, but this one’s been kicking below the fray of my list of things to talk about for the last week or so. An outlier in the jangle-heavy stable of Bobo Integral and a smoother-edged entry into the cabal over at Soft Abuse, this new track from Fortunato Durutti Marinetti captures the dream-wave disbelief of Lynch’s approach and the narcotic literacy of Robert Wyatt. Over sauntered strums and choked-up strings Dan Colussi spars with the honeyed-heaven of backup vocals for a track that seems lost in its own dream. The new album, Memory’s Fool is out March 18th, and somewhat confusingly, it doesn’t contain the song “Memory’s Fool,” which is a bonus track for the Bandcamp version of the LP. Nonetheless, its a nice place to dip into the aura of the album.

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