Field Works – “We Listen To Maples, Ash, and Oaks”


Following his album Cedars for Temporary Residence, LTD, Stuart Hyatt deconstructed the album and rebuilt tracks as instrumentals, letting the earthen air stir a bit deeper and darker than before. The album is steeped in light that filters through the leaves, an ode to the natural surroundings that gave birth to the original. With plenty of key musicians helping out — ulien Marchal, Youmna Saba, Dena El Saffar, Danny Paul Grody, Bob Hoffnar, Stuart Hyatt, Tomás Lozano, Nathan Bowles, Alex Roldan, Fadi Tabbal, and Marisa Anderson — the album glides in on an air of folk royalty by default, but the beauty that it contains, more than lives up to the surface reputation of the players. The first reworked cut is a burbling folk piece that recalls rootless and Prana Crafter in the best ways. The new collection is out August 27th, again from Temp Res.

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