Feels “Close My Eyes”


Feels have been knocking around the L.A. underground for a bit but with a debut on the way for Castle Face, produced by Ty Segall, they seem poised to pop onto a few more radars in the next couple of months. The first taste of their eponymous LP sounds like a kissing cousin, if not a straight up disciple, of Ty’s catalog and there are certainly some of his fingerprints on the thick wall of fuzz that blows out of the speakers in an unwavering squall. Steeped in the school of ’90s riffs the track makes time flirting feedback with the soft punch of Laena Geronimo’s rock candy purr, bolting from the start and rushing to a panting finish that’s all clatter and growl. Everything down to the ’60s storybook cover art has me itching to listen to more from the band. Won’t have to wait too much longer though, the LP is out at the end of the month and knowing the Castle Face crew, it’ll likely be pressed onto a collectible technicolored edition as well.


The track appears on Feels’ upcoming album Feels out February 26th. Support the Artist. Pre-Order Here.

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