Everest Magma – “Ponte”


Typically I’ve associated the Italian label Black Sweat with more outre releases scrawled with free jazz and noise. Their latest offering pushes well into the woods of psychedelic folk, though. A new release from Everest Magma skips along on a skittering beat that pulses like an anxious metronome. Atop that pulse is a languid mix of looped guitars, hand drums, and weary vocals. Everest Magma has been a working project for some time, releasing records on Boring Machines and Maple Death, but this diverges a bit from his past records which tend to mix in more noise and field recordings. This one feels like a bend back to 2006 when CD-r labels were plentiful and forest folk grew up everywhere. The new album, Alto//Piano, is out now on Black Sweat.

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