Eric Silverman – “Ride On”


I’ve talked about this record quite a bit, and even written up “Ride On,” but I honestly can’t recommend Eric’s new album enough. As I’ve mentioned previously, “Ride On” swerves square into the Americana wheelhouse. With a galloping lope, fiddle gathering like dark clouds, and twilight ambience, the song is a lonesome stretch of highway riding out a heartsick head swim. It’s as twang laden as Silverman gets, and he wears his county cadence well, leaning into layered harmonies before a solo that burns hotter than halogens, stripping away the encroaching darkness. The song gets a golden hour video treatment from Dillon Petrillo, capturing the kind of glow that emanates from the new record. Stay In It is out May 12th from Curation Records.

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